Hygiene Water Bottle

Hygienic functional bottle to drink without touching the lips.
(For baby bottles) Tritan Material - BPA Free
Patent registration
Made in Korea
Hygiene Water Bottle
500ml - pink
Hygiene Water Bottle
500ml - blue
The groove
right under the 
lower lip
How to use
Hygiene Water Bottle
350ml - pink
Hygiene Water Bottle
350ml - blue

Hygiene Water BOTTLE is.. 


✓ Since your lips do not touch the bottle, it feels hygienic.

✓ TRITAN by a company, Eastman, is used, and the bottle is consequently safe from an endocrine disruptor, Bisphenol-A (BPA).

✓ For children, it can be used as a next step after sippy cup.

✓ In case of children who are inexperienced to adjust, prevents cross-contamination caused by water in the mouth from entering into the bottle.

✓ Prevents spilling in the car.

✓ Basis standards of Ministry of Food and Drug Safety, testing and evaluation were completed.

✓ Made in Korea

People say the nicest things… 


It is good to be able to drink without wearing a mouth. It is also convenient to use.


Evelyn Miller




You do not have to worry about germs when you drink water. Good idea!


Anastasia Lopez




 I love the ergonomic features and design.


Sienna Taylor